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Commercial Content

Knowing how important video is to deliver your brands message, we help individuals, institutions and businesses of all sizes to create visually distinctive professional films.

With video becoming such a powerful platform Event Films are at hand to help incorporate stunning videos into your digital strategy.


Human Interest



At the heart of our content is engaging storytelling and this is most evident when we are commissioned to produce lifestyle films, whether that be to interact with local communities or understand the impact of the latest medical breakthrough.


Interviews and Testimonials



Interviews are the staple of any dialogue driven video and that is why we put great importance in the set up and ensuring the interviewee feels comfortable. 


Studio/Green Screen Content



If you want versatile content with greater longevity then studio and green screen filming is your friend. Having shot in a lot of studios for a large variety of projects we are at hand to work with and produce the highest quality content.


Event Filming



With vast experience in producing content for red carpets, launch parties, seasonal events, festivals, conferences and press junkets we know how to capture the tone and pace of the event.

Commercial & Corporate Work


Company Profiles



There is no better way to showcase the identity of your company than through video. That is why when businesses come to Event Films to create promotional videos it is important to us that collaboration remains key in delivering the right brand message.





So many of todays interactions that were once conducted face to face are now online and that includes teaching. We have the capabilities to record lectures and tutorials, streaming them live and then provide a digital package of the lecture for future use.





Being a rapidly increasing industry, Event Films works closely with the best podcast studios in the UK, to produce podcasts for a wide variety of topics and clients. 


Showcase your location with a stylish video that guides the viewer through a cinematic tour. Whether you are looking to launch a new site or trying to sell a property our videos will make your space standout.

Event Films

a creative video production company established to produce engaging and entertaining content.


Creating Crystal Palace - Ivy & the Wolf

Creating Crystal Palace - Tom Cox Art Studio & Gallery

Healthcare Showreel

Event Highlights

Property Tour


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